Conservation Officer Ronald Arsenault
Region Two Office, New Hampton, NH
February 22, 2020

Wakefield, NH – Shortly before 2:00 p.m., Wakefield Fire and Police along with Conservation Officers responded to a snowmobile accident on Corridor 19 just south of Pick Pocket Road. Steven Luppold, 64, was operating his snowmobile south on the trail with Lorrie Luppold, 58, as a passenger. Both are from Hudson, NH. On a corner along a downhill grade, Mr. Luppold pulled over too far to the right and hit a rock with the right ski, which caused him to hit the accelerator and another rock forcing his snowmobile back across the trail into an oncoming snowmobile. Lisa Allen, 56, of Bridgewater, MA, was traveling north and was struck by Mr. Luppold’s snowmobile.

Both Mrs. Luppold and Mrs. Allen were pinned under the snowmobiles because of the accident. Other snowmobile riders in the area rendered assistance and removed the snowmobiles from the two women. Mrs. Luppold sustained serious head injuries and was transported by Wakefield Fire’s rescue sled to an awaiting ambulance. Mr. Luppold also sustained non-life-threating injuries and both Mr. and Mrs. Luppold were transported to Portsmouth Hospital. Mrs. Allen was not injured and both snowmobiles sustained minor damage and were driven from the scene.

It appears based on witnesses testimony and evidence gathered at the scene that speed and conditions of the trails were all factors in this accident. Alcohol and drugs do not appear to be a factor in this collision. All riders involved were wearing proper safety gear and equipment for the conditions. This accident is still under investigation at this time. For more information on safe riding please visit