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September 28, 2023

Hunters in Blaze Orange

Concord, NH – New Hampshire’s youth deer weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22, 2023, is the perfect time to take a young person hunting. This special weekend gives youth aged 15 and younger the opportunity to go deer hunting with an adult mentor without the pressure of competing with thousands of adult hunters.

Accompanying adults must be licensed hunters and are not permitted to carry a firearm; the idea is to concentrate your time and attention on coaching your young companion.

Prospects for this year’s youth season are excellent, according to Becky Fuda, Deer Project Leader for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. “New Hampshire’s deer population is healthy and will provide excellent opportunities,” said Fuda. “Last year’s adult buck harvest was the highest on record, and deer numbers remain strong throughout the state.” In 2022, young hunters took 387 deer during the weekend.

“Youth weekend gives adult hunters the opportunity to pass on their knowledge to the next generation,” said Fuda. “Mentoring a young person can remind hunters why they started hunting and help preserve these traditions in New Hampshire. It can be very rewarding to teach a young hunter to find and track deer and, hopefully, to harvest and field dress one as well.”

Hunting can also help young people learn about the environment, conservation, tradition, and ethics, and build a deep and abiding appreciation for the wildlife and wild places that many of our citizens and visitors cherish. New Hampshire has offered a special youth deer hunt since 1999. Nonresident youth may participate in New Hampshire’s youth deer weekend only if their state of residence allows New Hampshire youth to participate in its youth deer hunt.

Hunters should remember to take proper care when handling wild game to minimize possible exposure to wildlife diseases. First and foremost, hunters should avoid shooting or handling any animal that appears sick. For more tips on safe handling of wild game please visit:

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