Conservation Officer Sergeant Glen Lucas
September 18, 2023

Carroll, NH – At 3:36 p.m., on Sunday September 17, 2023, a call was received for a hiker who was injured after slipping on some rocks on the Avalon Trail. The victim was identified as 64-year-old Cynthia Plude of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

After the call came in, a rescue effort was coordinated in conjunction with Appalachian Mountain Club, Twin Mountain Fire and Rescue, other Good Samaritan hikers, and a Conservation Officer.

It was reported that Plude was on her way back down from a hike of multiple peaks in the area when she slipped. Plude is an avid hiker and was prepared for the hike with all necessary gear. She possessed a HikeSafe Card and was extremely thankful for the volunteers and rescue personnel.

AMC personnel were first on scene and administered first aid while the rest of the rescue crew responded with a litter. Plude was loaded into the litter and carried down to the trailhead. She was then loaded into Twin Mountain Ambulance and transported to Littleton Regional Hospital for further treatment.

At times rescues are coordinated due to poor planning or poor decisions; this rescue was simply an accident when she slipped on a wet rock slab and injured her ankle.

Thompson and Meserves Purchase, NH – Previous to the above call, another rescue call came in reporting a knee injury to a hiker on the Jewell Trail at approximately 3:15 p.m. Once the GPS location of this call was plotted, it was discovered that the injured hiker was within 0.25 miles of the Cog Railway.

The Conservation Officer who took the call advised the injured hiker that the best course of action would be for them to make their way to the Cog Railway. The hiker said that they would try. A call was made to the Cog Railway and a request was made to have the Cog pick up the hiker on their way down, during their last trip.

The Cog Railway agreed and picked up the injured hiker. As always, the Cog Railway has been willing to assist in the never-ending search and rescue efforts on Mount Washington.