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August 25, 2023

wild turkey

Concord, NH – The Granite State’s fall turkey hunting season opens on September 15 for archers, and the fall shotgun season runs October 16–22 in designated Wildlife Management Units (WMU). Hunters who did not fill both of their turkey tags during the 2023 spring season may harvest one bird during either the fall archery or shotgun season.

Hunters should take note of two new rule changes affecting all turkey harvests in New Hampshire:

  • WMU J1 is no longer open to the fall shotgun season.
  • The turkey-hunting tactic known as fanning or reaping is now prohibited statewide.

Wildlife Management Units that have a fall shotgun season include: D2, G, H1, H2, I1, I2, J2, K, L, and M. Hunters will continue to have the option to register their birds either online or in person. Regardless of registration method, hunters must affix the tag that is issued with their hunting license to the bird immediately after harvest, and all birds must be registered within 24 hours of take.

To register your bird in person at a check station, visit to find the nearest participating location.

Birds not registered in person must be registered online. To expedite online registration, hunters must have a reliable internet connection and should have the following information readily available:

  • Hunting/turkey license information
  • License plate number of the vehicle used while hunting
  • Town and Wildlife Management Unit where the turkey was harvested
  • Sex of the bird
  • Age of the bird (adult vs. juvenile)
  • Weight of the bird (to the nearest 1/4 pound)
  • Beard length (to the nearest 1/4 inch)
  • Spur lengths (to the nearest 1/16 inch)

Successful online registration will result in a confirmation email upon completion. Hunters must retain a copy of this confirmation as proof that their turkey was legally registered online by saving a digital version or printing a copy of the email. Accurately entered registration data is imperative because the information is relied upon by wildlife biologists and conservation officers. To register turkeys online, and for tips on how to age, weigh, and measure birds visit

Wild turkey management is partially funded through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Wildlife Restoration Program.