Haley Andreozzi, Cooperative Extension: (603) 862-5327
Sandra Houghton, New Hampshire Fish and Game: (603) 271-5679
May 5, 2023

Concord, NH – Wildlife biologists need help from volunteers who have bats in their barn or other outbuilding to conduct bat counts this summer. The effort is part of the New Hampshire Bat Counts Project to help monitor summer bat colonies in the Granite State. It’s easy to take part, and volunteers are asked to conduct at least one count in June and one count in July.

Structures like barns and church steeples often serve as summer homes for female bats and their young. In the face of white-nose syndrome, which has been causing significant declines in bat populations throughout the Northeast, monitoring these “maternity colonies” is more important than ever. New Hampshire Fish and Game and UNH Cooperative Extension are looking for landowners and homeowners who have bats on their property to help keep track of New Hampshire’s bats by conducting “emergence counts” at roost sites. Volunteers interested in learning more can visit the New Hampshire Bat Counts website at for information on conducting a count and submitting data.

There are two upcoming opportunities to learn more about the bat species found in New Hampshire, the threats leading to population declines, and how you can help conserve bats. Both events will include an overview of bats in New Hampshire and information on how to participate in the NH Bat Counts Project, which involves citizen science volunteers in helping to monitor summer bat colonies in New Hampshire.

If you have questions about these events or the NH Bat Counts Project, contact Haley Andreozzi at or (603) 862-5327.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program coordinates research on bats in New Hampshire. Learn more at