Conservation Officer James Cyrs III
March 6, 2023

Franklin, NH – In the mid-morning hours of Sunday, March 5, 2023, a man crashed the snowmobile that he was operating as he was traveling on a snowmobile trail exiting Webster Lake.

Shortly before 11:00 a.m., Kevin Lynch, 67, of Franklin, NH, collided with a guardrail at Legasse Beach parking area on Webster Lake after losing control of his snowmobile. Lynch was operating by himself at the time of the crash and had just finished riding across the frozen lake when he took the snowmobile trail that exited the waterbody and leads to Snowmobile Corridor 2, also known as the Northern Rail Trail. Lynch attempted to pass between two large boulders at the exit of the trail when the ski of his snowmobile made contact with one of the rocks. The contact that he made with this boulder led him to inadvertently accelerate his machine and ultimately strike the guardrail head on. At this time, a separate group of riders who had witnessed the crash placed a direct call to the Franklin Fire Department and approached Lynch to see if he was alright.

Upon receiving word of the incident, Franklin Fire Department and a Fish and Game Conservation Officer initially responded to the scene of the crash. Due to the serious, potentially life-threatening injury that Lynch sustained, he was transported by the Franklin Fire Department to Franklin Hospital for further evaluation and treatment of his injuries.

The operator was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Operator inattention is considered the primary cause of the accident.