Conservation Officer Matthew Holmes
February 14, 2023

Jefferson, NH – On the morning of Monday, February 13, 2023, a young woman was injured after going off of the trail and into some trees adjacent to the Corridor 11 Snowmobile Trail.

At approximately 11:00 a.m., the 15-year-old from the United Kingdom (England) was riding snowmobiles with a family member through a winding section of trail. Upon hitting an icy puddle, the juvenile rider lost control of her machine and went off of the trail, striking several trees. As a result of the crash, she sustained significant but non-life-threating injuries. She was immediately assisted by her riding companion, who texted 911 from the scene (as there was no cell service at that location). The riding companion ultimately transported the young woman via snowmobile to the trail crossing of U.S. Route 2, where a phone call for help was placed.

Upon receiving word of the incident, rescue personnel from the Jefferson Fire Department, Lancaster Ambulance, and a New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Conservation Officer began responding. The young patient was quickly located and evaluated roadside before being taken to Weeks Medical Center in Lancaster for further evaluation and treatment of her injuries.

An investigation into the crash revealed that this was the first time that the involved operator had ridden a snowmobile on a trail system. Prior to her ride, she had completed an approved OHRV Safety Course and equipped herself with all of the proper safety equipment for her adventure. Her family member and riding companion had procured trail maps and taken care to prepare for the trip as well. These preparations greatly aided both the patient and responding rescue personnel when the time of need arose.