Lt. James Kneeland
CO Christopher McKee
June 28, 2021

Waterville Valley, NH – As rescue personnel were concluding a rescue in Lincoln, another call was given to Conservation Officers reporting that there was an injured hiker on the Mount Tecumseh Trail in Waterville Valley. The solo hiker reported through 911 that she was suffering from a lower leg injury and was still about 2.2 miles from Tripoli Road, unable to continue. The hiker also reported that her cell phone was going to die. Unable to contact the hiker by cell phone, a crew of rescuers comprised of volunteers from Pemi Valley Search and Rescue Team and Conservation Officers responded to the trail.

After traveling approximately one mile up the trail rescuers came across the injured hiker who was slowly making her way down the trail. The rescue team provided food and water and were able to determine that she could continue the remainder of the trail under her own power. The rescue party arrived at the trailhead at 6:30 p.m.

The injured hiker was identified as 29-year-old Annika Carbacio of Lawrence, Massachusetts. Carbacio advised that she had taken a wrong turn on the summit of Mount Tecumseh and had continued away from where her vehicle was parked. After travelling over some difficult terrain she felt that she may have reaggravated a prior injury. Feeling that she would not be able to continue without assistance she made a call to 911 as her phone died. Not knowing if help was coming she continued slowly down the trail until she encountered the rescue team. Waterville Valley Department of Safety assessed her injury at the trailhead and it was determined that Carbacio would be able to transport herself for treatment of her injury.