Colonel Kevin Jordan: (603) 271-3128
Lieutenant Robert Mancini: (603) 271-3127
November 17, 2022

Concord, NH – Effective Friday, November 25, 2022, NH Fish and Game Dispatch will now be administered by NH State Police Dispatch within the NH Department of Safety. The number for the public to call will remain the same, 603-271-3361, but people will now reach State Police Dispatch and this service will relay calls to Conservation Officers instead of Fish and Game Dispatch. All other Fish and Game contact numbers will remain the same.

“For the past year or so, after-hours calls to our dispatch number have been handled by State Police but this change will make it permanent and it will now be effective 24/7/365,” said NH Fish and Game Law Enforcement Division Chief Colonel Kevin Jordan. “The public will not have to do anything different, but their phone may show State Police instead of Fish and Game when they dial the number. State Police Dispatch will forward calls for service to the Conservation Officers moving forward.”

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