Conservation Officer Thomas Houghton
August 29, 2022

Dunbarton, NH – On Sunday, August 28, 2022, a Conservation Officer on patrol in Clough State Park was notified by a passerby regarding a possible dirt bike crash on the Stark Pond Trail. The Conservation Officer responded along with Officers of the Dunbarton Police Department and Dunbarton Fire Department personnel. Passersby were able to bring the victim to the trailhead parking lot where they were met by responding emergency personnel.

At the trailhead parking lot, it was learned that Alex Kainder, 19, of Epsom, NH, was riding with friends when he lost control of his dirt bike while navigating the trail and went off trail. Kainder subsequently fell off of the dirt bike during the incident and sustained a head injury.

Kainder was treated on scene by medical personnel from the Dunbarton Fire Department and was ultimately transported by a Dunbarton Ambulance to Concord Hospital for further evaluation and treatment of his injuries.

Conservation Officers were assisted on scene by Dunbarton Police Department, Dunbarton Fire Department, and Army Corps of Engineers.

No further information is available at this time.