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August 26, 2022

Concord, NH – Turkey hunters in New Hampshire set a new record this spring with a total of 5,723 wild turkeys harvested during the spring season. This just surpasses the previous record that was set during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when a total of 5,718 turkeys were harvested. This year’s harvest was also an increase compared with last spring when 5,399 turkeys were harvest.

The 2022 spring harvest was comprised of 22 (0.4%) bearded hens, 1,171 jakes (20.5%), and 4,530 toms (79.1%). This includes the youth turkey hunt which took place the weekend prior to the spring season. The youth weekend resulted in 428 turkeys harvested or 7.5% of the season total.

2022 marked the fourth consecutive year that hunters could harvest two birds during the spring season. A total of 4,606 hunters were successful at harvesting a turkey this spring, which is an increase from 4,442 hunters the previous year. Among those successful, 3,490 (75.8%) registered one bird and 1,116 hunters (24.2%) registered two birds. Of the hunters taking multiple birds this spring, 1,043 were adults and 73 were minors (under 16 years of age).

For the third consecutive year, nearly half of successful hunters opted to register their harvest online (48%) and slightly more than half (52%) visited one of the in-person registration stations across the state. This was similar to last year when 45% registered online and 55% registered in person.

The top 10 towns with the highest harvests included: Weare (82), Gilmanton (77), Alton (74), Loudon (73), Plainfield (70), Claremont (69), Concord (67), Farmington (65), Cornish (64) and Epsom (59). These 10 towns listed were also in the top 10 last year. A total of 23 towns registered 50 or more male turkeys this spring.

The season’s opening day and weekend again claimed the highest rates of hunter success in 2021. On Saturday, May 1, 843 male turkeys were registered, or 15.6% of the season total, an increase of 10.3% over the same day the previous year. The second day of the season, Sunday, May 2, 721 gobblers, or 13.4% of the season’s total, were registered.

Opening day of the regular season was very successful for many hunters with 1,293 male turkeys, or 22.7% of the season total harvested, compared with 15.6% on opening day the previous year and 10.3% two years prior. The second weekend (May 7-8) 610 turkeys were registered, or 10.7% of the total. On the third weekend (May 14-15) 424 males were registered, or 7.4%; the fourth weekend (May 21-22) 312 or 5.5% of the total; and the fifth weekend, Memorial Day Weekend (May 28–30) 212 gobblers were registered or 3.7% of the season’s total.

Wild turkey management in New Hampshire is funded, in part, through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife Restoration Program.