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August 11, 2022

Concord, NH – Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge of safe and responsible hunting with others? If so, consider volunteering as a Hunter Education Instructor. The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department will hold its next New Instructor Training sessions on Saturday, August 27 at Pinnacle Mountain Fish and Game Club, 289 Cemetery Road in Lyndeborough and on Saturday, September 18 at Renaissance Firearms, 55 Calef Highway in Barrington. The programs will both be held from 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.

The process for becoming an instructor is easy and the yearly time commitment is minimal, but the results are gratifying. With your help, hunting incidents will remain rare, lands will remain open for multiple uses including hunting, and hunters will understand how to responsibly harvest local proteins to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Today’s hunters are going into the field knowing how to hunt safely, responsibly, and ethically. Combined with the use of hunter orange clothing, Hunter Education has dramatically helped to reduce the number of hunting-related incidents in the field since it became mandatory for all first-time hunting license purchasers in 1977. Hunting is one of the safest outdoor activities, but to continue that trend, Hunter Education needs enthusiasts like you to get involved.

Hunter Education in New Hampshire is taught primarily by volunteer instructors. These instructors have a passion for hunting and promoting safe, responsible, and ethical hunting practices, but we need your help. Instructor numbers are declining even as the demand for classes increases.

To learn more about becoming a Hunter Education Instructor or fill out an application visit

Hunter Education in New Hampshire is funded in by federal Wildlife Restoration Funds, a user-pay, user-benefit program.