Conservation Officer Eric Fluette
July 5, 2022

Dixville, NH – At approximately 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 3, 2022, Jamie Johnston, 38, of Nashua, NH, was operating a four-seater UTV with three youth passengers in Dixville. Johnston was operating across a section of Dixie Brook Road as the last machine in a group of four. On this section of trail, the UTV traveled over a bump that was abrupt and unexpected by one of the rear passengers.

Johnston didn’t experience any loss of control from the bump and continued to operate on the trail until she was notified by her passengers that one of them, a 13-year-old, had sustained a possible injury. Once aware, she immediately pulled over and assessed the youth.

Johnston’s riding companions turned around after realizing they weren’t still a part of their group and backtracked until they located them. The group rendered what aid they could and sent someone to make a phone call to 911, as no cell coverage was available where they were.

Once the call was made, a response from Errol Fire Department, Errol Rescue and Conservation Officer’s began. Errol Rescue and Errol Fire Department personnel were able to respond directly to the location of the UTV with the injured youth. Conservation Officers who were out patrolling on a UTV in the area responded directly. From this location, the youth was transported by Errol Rescue to Errol Airport where the youth was transferred to a DHART helicopter. The youth was flown to Maine Medical Center for treatment of unspecified injuries.

The injuries sustained in this incident are believed to be associated with the abrupt bump that was unexpected by the youth passenger. The injured youth was wearing a helmet and eye protection and was utilizing a seatbelt. Conservation Officers would like to use this incident to remind OHRV users of the importance of all occupants utilizing safety equipment when out recreating.