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December 6, 2021

A brontosaurus at work

Farmington, NH – The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (NHFG), in cooperation with the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands (NHDFL) is planning the second phase of a wildlife habitat improvement project on 21 acres in the Blue Job State Forest in Farmington, NH. Mowing with a brontosaurus machine will happen during the month of December to reduce the volume of young trees present. The cutting will then be followed by a prescribed burn in either the spring or fall of 2022 to further encourage and maintain the wild blueberries growing on the property.

Residents and visitors should be aware that the trails to the Little Blue Job summit will be closed during mowing operations and burning. If you are planning to hike, please check the information kiosk at the trailhead to confirm which trails are open.

This work will maintain important young forest and barrens habitat, which benefit a variety of wildlife, help maintain views of the surrounding landscape, and improve blueberry-picking opportunities for the public. It is part of an ongoing program to maintain habitat conditions on the top of Blue Job Mountain. The initial mowing and prescribed burn of this area was completed in 2016.

Blue Job Mountain has a long history of habitat improvement. NHFG and NHDFL have conducted several mowing and prescribed burning operations on the property since 1995. The area was also periodically burned over when it was a commercial blueberry operation prior to state ownership.

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