Lieutenant Mark Ober
September 13, 2021

Thompson and Meserves Purchase, NH – Fish and Game Conservation Officers were called to help a hiker who fell and suffered an unknown head injury while descending the Caps Ridge Trail Saturday afternoon. The incident took place two miles up from the trailhead, and due to the potential seriousness of the injury a call was made to the Army National Guard for helicopter support.

A NH Army National Guard Blackhawk helicopter was already in the area partaking in the annual search and rescue working group training put on by the NH Outdoor Council, which was attended by over a hundred members of the various search and rescue volunteer groups along with a dozen Conservation Officers. The National Guard had flown up to Cannon Mountain and were providing information about their overall capabilities and what assistance they can provide when the call came in.

The flight crew did not hesitate to help, but had to cut their training short. They flew up to the injured hiker, and lowered a crew member and litter down to the victim. The hiker, identified as Linda Laganos, 66, of Beverly, MA, was placed in the litter and lifted into the helicopter. Laganos had hiked to the summit of Mt. Jefferson to witness the placing of the flag in remembrance of September 11, and was on her way back down when she fell.

The Blackhawk flew Laganos to the Berlin Regional Airport where she was transferred to a Berlin Ambulance and transported to Androscoggin Valley Hospital for treatment.

No other information is available at this time.