Conservation Officer Eric Fluette
August 5, 2021

Milan, NH – At approximately 5:30 p.m., on Wednesday August 4, 2021, Ross Hoffman, 24, of Danbury, CT, was operating an ATV on the Head Pond Connector Trail in Milan. While attempting to navigate a right-hand corner, he traveled to the outside of the corner and into a ditch sustaining injuries.

While following Hoffman, on a separate ATV, Julia Valentino, 23, of Pawling, New York, also failed to negotiate the same right-hand corner. Valentino skidded and subsequently rolled her machine after Hoffman’s crash. Valentino was thrown from her machine and sustained injuries.

A call to 911 was made and a response from Berlin Police Department, Berlin Fire Department, Berlin EMS, and Conservation Officers began. Responders were able to drive directly to the crash scene and assess both injured parties. Although both sustained injuries, neither was transported from the scene to the hospital.

Concluding an investigation of these crashes, it was determined that the primary factor in both Hoffman’s and Valentino’s crash was unreasonable speed. Both operators were subsequently issued a summons for unreasonable speed. Conservation Officers would like to use this incident to remind OHRV operators to always ride at speeds that allow you to maintain control of your machine at all times.