Mark Beauchesne, NH Fish and Game: (603) 419-0520
Amanda Royce, UNH Cooperative Extension: (603) 778-4961
May 13, 2021

Concord, NH – The 2021 summer season at Barry Conservation Camp has been cancelled. New Hampshire 4-H, which operates the camp through the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) Cooperative Extension, has made the extremely difficult decision not to open Barry Camp this summer due to a lack of available staffing to safely and efficiently operate the facility. This year’s deficit in qualified personnel has created insurmountable challenges to programming and educational execution as well as the safe accommodation of campers and other staff.

Of the decision to remain closed again this summer, Barry Camp’s Director Amanda Royce, of UNH Cooperative Extension, stated, “The current situation is making it impossible for us to meet some very basic requirements necessary to operate the camp including physician attention for campers and staff while on the grounds. Without a complete team of integral staff and counselors, the quality of the experiences campers would leave with would not align with the goals and mission of Barry Camp.”

“This is sad for all of us—the campers, our dedicated staff, and the many public and private supporters of camp,” Royce continued. “But Barry Camp will endure because of the shared belief in the opportunities this camp brings to kids from all of those who know and love it.”

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Mark Beauchesne concluded, “We are all looking forward to returning to Berlin in the summer of 2022 to rekindle and celebrate the traditions and magic that make Barry Camp so special.”

If you have questions regarding the cancellation of the 2021 summer program at Barry Camp, contact Amanda Royce at

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