Conservation Officer Eric Brown
April 21, 2021

Newport, NH – On Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at approximately 11:30 a.m., New Hampshire Fish and Game Department was notified of a single ATV crash with minor injuries located in the town of Newport. Newport Fire and EMS and a Conservation Officer responded to the scene. The operator, a minor, was driving their ATV on the Sugar River Recreational Trail and encountered a rough section of trail causing the ATV to strike a tree on the side of the trail. The passenger, Mikayla Simonds, 19, of Claremont, sustained minor injuries as a result of the crash. The operator called 911 and was able to meet the ambulance a short distance down the trail. Simonds was transported by Newport Ambulance to Valley Regional Hospital to be treated for her injuries.

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department would like to remind all ATV riders that it is illegal to operate an ATV with a passenger until the age of 18. All ATV riders are reminded to operate within their limits and be cautious of the trail conditions.