Sergeant Alex Lopashanski
March 15, 2021

Hart’s Location, NH – On Friday, March 12, shortly before 4:00 p.m., New Hampshire Fish and Game was notified that a hiker had phoned 911 after losing the trail in the vicinity of Mt. Webster. The hiker was Alexandra Dupey, 24, of Manchester, NH. Dupey was hiking alone when she found herself off trail and in deep snow. Ultimately, with assistance over the phone, she was able to regain the trail and hike out under her own power. She arrived at the trailhead shortly before 6:30 p.m.

While Dupey was prepared for her intended hike, it is important to note that winter conditions to include deep snow and ice are present in the mountains and are likely to persist for the next several weeks. Anyone venturing out should be equipped with micro spikes, snowshoes, and extra layers. Route finding can be difficult especially if you find yourself on a less used section of trail, and although cell phone mapping applications can be useful they are not a substitute for a map, compass, and hand-held GPS unit.