Conservation Officer Eric Fluette
January 25, 2021

Jefferson, NH – On January 22, at approximately 3:45 p.m., NH Fish & Game Conservation Officers were notified of a snowmobile crash on Corridor 11 in the town of Jefferson. The operator, identified as Courtney Silva, 27, of Rumford, RI, had been operating a rental snowmobile when she crashed into a tree.

The investigation revealed that while navigating a slight S-turn in the trail, Silva veered off the edge of the trail and struck a tree. Her riding companion witnessed the crash and immediately came to Silva’s aid. Silva sustained injuries from the crash and a call to 911 call was placed. Silva was riding fourth in a group of five snowmobilers who were traveling south on Corridor 11, also known as Jefferson Notch Road, when the crash occurred.

Emergency personnel from both Jefferson Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services of Lancaster were first on scene and provided medical care. First responders were able to transport Silva from the scene to an awaiting ambulance that took her to Weeks Medical Center for treatment of her injuries.

Conservation Officers believe inexperience to be the primary factor in this crash. It was determined that this had been the first time Silva had ever been snowmobiling and that the crash occurred about an hour into her ride.