Conservation Officer Levi Frye
September 22, 2020

Columbia, NH – On Saturday, September 19 at approximately 11:40 a.m., New Hampshire Fish and Game received a call from Colebrook Dispatch for an ATV crash that occurred on Diamond Peaks Trail in Columbia. The caller stated that the patient was being transported out by a member of his riding party to the Diamond Peaks Store in Colebrook.

Conservation Officers, Colebrook Fire and Police Departments, and 45th Parallel Ambulance responded to the Diamond Peaks Store in Colebrook and met the patient, identified as Jared Huczek of New Boston, NH.

While first aid was rendered to the patient, a Conservation Officer spoke with Huczek’s riding party. They stated that they had left from Milan that morning intending to get lunch in Colebrook. Due to the dust and activity on the trails, they spaced themselves out fairly far to avoid collisions.

After crossing a bridge, Huczek, who was third in line, hit a large bump in the trail and got thrown from the machine over its handlebars and was likely struck by it as the machine rolled over. He was wearing a chest protector and full helmet, which likely protected him from greater injury.

His riding partner behind him did not see the crash occur due to the spacing of the machines, but rushed to his side when he saw Huczek on the trail. A 911 call was placed and Huczek was transported to meet the 45th Parallel Ambulance, which subsequently transported Huczek to Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital (UCVH) in Colebrook.

Investigation of the scene and an interview of Huczek at the hospital confirmed what was explained earlier. Huczek stated that he is an experienced ATV operator and that he hadn’t noticed the size of the bump in the trail. Conservation Officers determined that operator inattention to trail conditions was the primary contributing factor.

New Hampshire Fish and Game would like to remind all riders that operators are responsible to be aware of any potential hazards and ride appropriately to avoid them and maintain safety.

No further information available at this time.