Conservation Officer Levi Frye
September 22, 2020

Sargent’s Purchase, NH – On Saturday September 19 at approximately 6:00 p.m., Conservation Officers received a 911 call for a hiker having a medical emergency on the Boott Spur Trail in Gorham. Officers spoke with the patient via cell phone and identified him as Caleb Lenihan of Hanson, MA.

Lenihan was hiking with two friends, identified as Justin Sladd of Brockton, MA, and Arthur Sanda of Hanson, MA. It was explained that the hiking party had left that morning to summit Mount Washington and later set up camp at the Hermit Lake Shelter. At 4:00 p.m., while hiking on the Boott Spur Trail, Lenihan experienced a medical emergency and was unable to continue hiking.

Members of his hiking party were able to get Lenihan down to the Hermit Lake Shelter and had him place a call to 911.

Due to Lenihan’s condition, it was determined that he should be removed from the mountain that night. Conservation Officers responded to the Tuckerman’s Ravine Trailhead and rode an ATV up to the shelter to pick up Lenihan. A Conservation Officer transported Lenihan off the mountain with an ATV while another officer hiked down the mountain with Sanda and Sladd.

Once off the mountain, it was determined that all three hikers were new to the activity and this was their first hike in the White Mountains. Two members of the party were well equipped for the hike while another was not.

New Hampshire Fish and Game would like to remind those venturing onto the hiking trails that as temperatures fall and days shorten, hikers need more warm clothing and equipment to be safe while enjoying the autumn colors.

No further information available at this time.