Sergeant Alex Lopashanski
August 14, 2020

Albany, NH – On Friday, August 14 shortly after 9:00 p.m., New Hampshire Fish and Game was notified that there was a hiker with a head injury on the Oliverian Brook Trail. The message was sent via a Garmin Inreach emergency satellite communication device. The hiker was Robert Sullivan, 32, of Center Barnstead, NH.

Sullivan was camping overnight with friends. They had hiked in and set up camp a little over one mile from the trailhead. While working in camp, Sullivan fell and hit his head on a rock. Thinking the injury to be serious, a member of his party used the Garmin Unit to send a message for help. In a short period of time after initiating the call, they evaluated Sullivan and determined he was fine. Both of the people with Sullivan left him at the camp, hiked out, and drove to find cell service to notify authorities that help was no longer needed.

Along with Conservation Officers, members of Mountain Rescue Service, Lakes Region Search and Rescue, the US Forest Service and SOLO students responded. Once contact was made with the group, it was determined that there was no medical emergency and most rescuers were able to be called off before arriving. A group of SOLO students and their instructor did hike in and make contact with Sullivan, evaluated him, and confirmed that he did not need further medical attention. All rescuers were back at the trailhead shortly after 11:30 p.m.