Conservation Officer Eric Fluette
June 15, 2020

Cambridge, NH – At approximately 11:00 a.m., Saturday, June 13, 2020, Nancy Drew, 63, of Colebrook, New Hampshire, was operating a side by side (UTV) east on Hamlin Brook Road in Cambridge with her husband, Steven Rafuse, 55, as a passenger. During this same time, Kyle Brindamour, 24, of Danville, New Hampshire, was operating an ATV west on Hamlin Brook Road leading his group of riding companions.

Both operators encountered each other at a sharp turn in the road, Drew approaching from a low section of the turn and Brindamour approaching from a high section of the turn. With the terrain variation, both operators described not seeing each other until the “last minute.” Drew yielded right once she became aware of the approaching ATV, while Brindamour yielded to the left and the two collided head on.

A 911 call was made by Drew after the collision. A response from Errol Fire Department, Errol Rescue and Conservation Officers began. Drew was transported from the scene by Errol Rescue’s UTV with non-life-threatening injuries. Both Rafuse and Brindamour sustained no injuries in the crash. Errol Rescue Ambulance transported Drew to Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital for treatment of her injuries.

This crash is still under investigation, however Conservation Officers believe that Brindamour’s failure to yield to the right upon meeting the side by side (UTV) was ultimately the primary factor in this crash. Conservation Officers would like to remind OHRV operators that although there aren’t marked travel lanes on trails, operators upon meeting are required to turn to the right and reduce speed to avoid collision.