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May 1, 2020

CONCORD, NH – If you need to complete a hunter education class to be ready for this fall’s exciting seasons, why not start your online Hunter Education class today? With in-person classes cancelled at least through June due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, new hunters should visit to start their online class and their journey toward becoming a hunter in the Granite State.

First-time hunters in the state of New Hampshire age 16 or older must successfully complete an approved Hunter Education safety course before they can purchase a hunting permit. Beginners must successfully complete their online Hunter Education class within 90 days of starting their first lesson and then attend an official New Hampshire Fish and Game Department field day where attendees will be required to pass a written exam and participate in live-fire exercises and an individual hands-on field assessment. The convenient online course can be completed at any student’s pace and costs just $29. Field days will be planned so that new hunters will be prepared for this fall’s seasons. People completing their online class should watch for a field day schedule beginning in August. Participants must be at least 15 years old by the last day of the course to achieve certification in basic Hunter Education.

“With spring and summer classes cancelled for this year, our online Hunter Education safety course has seen a dramatic increase in registrations and completion by individuals planning for fall,” says New Hampshire Fish and Game Hunter Education Coordinator Josh Mackay. “We are looking forward to meeting all the online participants at the numerous field days we will be offering before fall hunting seasons start in October.”

The Apprentice Hunting License is also an option for first-time hunters and allows people to hunt under the guidance of an experienced hunter, without first taking Hunter Education. Learn more at

For more information on Hunter Education in New Hampshire, visit, or call (603) 271-3214.

Hunter Education in New Hampshire is funded with Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration by an excise tax on firearms, ammunition and archery equipment. Learn more at