Sgt. Geoffrey Pushee
April 6, 2020

Londonderry, NH – At approximately 11:15 a.m. on Sunday, April 5th, Leonard Santosuosso, 50, of Londonderry, New Hampshire was operating an off-highway recreational vehicle (OHRV) on a set of power lines off of Madden Road in Londonderry. While Santosuosso was traveling down a hill he hit a rock, causing him to lose control and roll the ATV over several times before coming to a stop at the bottom of the hill. Santosuosso was riding with three friends at the time of the crash who were able to call 911 to get assistance from emergency personnel.

Upon receiving notification of the crash, the Londonderry Fire and Police Department along with NH Fish and Game Conservation Officers responded to the scene. Rescue crews were able to get an OHRV to the scene and transported Santosuosso back to Madden road where an ambulance was waiting. Santosuosso was transported to Parkland Medical Center where he was air lifted by helicopter to Boston Medical Center.

Santosuosso suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries from the crash and was wearing a helmet, which very likely saved his life. The accident is still under investigation but based on preliminary investigation it appears that speed was the major contributing factor in the crash. Santosuosso and his riding partners were also riding on an unapproved trail, and they did not have written landowner permission to be riding there.

This accident is a good reminder for all riders to use due care and caution whenever operating an OHRV and to always have written landowner permission anytime when operating off of an approved trail system or their own property.