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March 10, 2020

Congratulations to George Murray of Epsom, NH.

DURHAM, NH – Two lucky winners in the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s 2019 Striped Bass Survey raffle recently took home their prizes. The winners were Michael Toole of Stratham, NH, and George Murray of Epsom, NH. The Department extends thanks to both anglers for helping to monitor this precious resource. Thanks also go to the additional 44 striped bass anglers who took the time to fill out logbooks in 2019.

Striped bass are popular sport fish along New Hampshire’s coast, and during late spring, their arrival coincides with the flocking of fishermen to our beautiful coastal rivers, estuaries, and seaward. To better manage this highly sought-after species, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Marine Fisheries Division has conducted Striped Bass Volunteer Angler Surveys since 1993, in addition to administering yearly creel surveys.

Congratulations to Michael Toole of Stratham, NH.

Volunteer anglers fill out logbooks to provide the Marine Division with information about their fishing trips. These volunteers are able to supply length data on catch-and-release fish, which is information that is not collected through annual creel surveys. The important data obtained from these anglers are used by state and federal fisheries biologists to assess the status of the striped bass population each year.

The Coastal Conservation Association of New Hampshire (CCANH) has assisted the Department with this project since 2000. CCANH has helped increase participation by distributing survey forms to its members and by recruiting participants at sporting shows. CCANH also annually donates a signed and framed, first-of-state striped bass print, Shadow, by Victor E. Young. This print is raffled off to a lucky volunteer.

Kittery Trading Post has also supported the Department by contributing raffle items in support of the striped bass program. This past season, they graciously donated a Penn Battle rod and reel to raffle to a second participating angler.

If you are interested in taking part in the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Striped Bass Volunteer Angler Survey, visit or contact Becky Heuss at (603) 868-1095 or