CO Jonathan Demler
October 9, 2019

Lincoln, NH – Shortly before 9:00 p.m. on October 8, 2019, the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department was notified of two hikers in distress on the Falling Waters Trail in Lincoln. The information gathered was incomplete but it was believed that the hikers were descending the trail when they could no longer determine if they were on the trail or had strayed off. Conservation Officers responded and were able to make contact with the hikers. Mary Leigh, 31, and Alexander Baker, 32, of Reading, United Kingdom, were located, uninjured, in a steep section of trail. Conservation Officers provided lights to the hikers, who only had the light from a cell phone, and the party hiked down to the parking area without further incident.

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Conservation Officers would like to remind anyone enjoying the outdoors this fall to plan ahead and make safe decisions. Hiking in the White Mountains can be dangerous any time of year. Drastic changes in temperatures and conditions require hikers to be prepared for severe weather, freezing temperatures, and darkness, regardless of the time of day one may be planning to hike. All hikers should carry essential equipment to be ready not just for the intended hike, but other issues that could arise. Please visit for more information.