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Jim Oehler: (603) 271-2461
September 25, 2019

CONCORD, NH – An all-new publication, authored by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Rachel Stevens and Jim Oehler, entitled Trails for People and Wildlife is a guide for planning recreational trails that enables people to enjoy nature while also allowing wildlife to thrive. Katie Callahan, also of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, provided geographic information system (GIS) modeling in support of the publication.

Intended for landowners, conservation groups, and natural resource professionals, the objective of Trails for People and Wildlife is to help readers facilitate the placement of thoughtfully located networks of well-maintained trails that help people get outside while minimizing wildlife disturbance. While hiking, biking, and bird watching are just some of the ways people engage with their environment, these seemingly low-key activities can have a negative impact on wildlife by reducing their abundance, reproductive success, or even survival.

“Understanding where sensitive habitats are located on your property, such as vernal pools, can make a huge difference,” said Stevens. “We want to help ensure that wildlife will be there for all of us to enjoy for years to come while providing trail builders with the resources needed to achieve their public access goals.”

Trails for People and Wildlife can be downloaded and used by both private landowners and professionals to select locations for new trails and to determine where it is best to maintain, reroute, or decommission existing trails to optimize human experience and minimize wildlife impact. Visit to read and print the entire guide.