CO Jonathan Demler
September 17, 2019

Lincoln, NH – While conducting other rescues on the afternoon of September 15, 2019, Conservation Officers with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department were notified of a hiker who was in distress while hiking Mt. Osceola. The hiker, Alexander Scates, 23, of Haverhill, MA, was able to send a text message to friends in Massachusetts that he was off his intended route and had very little food or water. Conservation Officers were able to speak with one of the friends who stated that Alexander had been given water by passing hikers and was planning on continuing his hike. Later after completing a rescue elsewhere, Conservation Officers were again notified that Alexander was in distress, unable to hike in the darkness because he did not have a light source.

Conservation Officers responded to the Greeley Ponds Trailhead on the Kancamagus Highway in Lincoln after learning that Alexander had made additional contact with family and was attempting to hike north to the Kancamagus Highway. A Conservation Officer reached Alexander, who was uninjured, at 10:00 p.m. and the rescue party returned to the trailhead safely.

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Conservation Officers would like to remind anyone enjoying the outdoors the end of this summer to plan ahead and make safe decisions. Hiking in the White Mountains requires proper planning and preparation. All hikers should carry essential equipment to be ready not just for the intended hike, but other issues that could arise. Please visit for more information.