Conservation Officer Eric Fluette
Region One Office, Lancaster, NH
June 16, 2019

Millsfield, NH – At approximately 6:40 PM on Saturday, June 15, 2019, Jay Marcoaldi, 26, of Holliston, MA, was driving an ATV on the Dixville Peak Road in Millsfield. He was operating last among a group of three other ATVs. When Marcoaldi encountered a slight right downhill turn, he lost control of his ATV and drifted to the outside of the turn into a ditch. Marcoaldi was subsequently thrown from his machine into a grassy area beside the road. 

Not long after the crash, Marcoaldi’s riding companions realized he was no longer following them and they quickly turned around and located him. A 911 call was made shortly thereafter and a response from Errol Fire Department, Errol Rescue, and Conservation Officers began. Ultimately Marcoaldi was transported with help from his riding companions to an awaiting ambulance on Route 26. Marcoaldi was transported by Errol Rescue to Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital for treatment of minor injuries. This crash is still under investigation, however officials believe unreasonable speed was a primary factor in the crash.