Sergeant Glen Lucas
Region One Office, Lancaster, NH
June 14, 2019

Shelburne, NH – A New Hampshire man died after suffering a medical emergency while ascending the Blue Trail, which is part of a trail system that leads to Mt. Cabot, in Shelburne on Friday June 14, 2019.

Officials say that William Whittenaur, 69, of Lancaster, NH was hiking with a family friend when he experienced a medical emergency.

After Whittenaur experience the medical emergency his friend performed CPR for an extended period of time, until he ran to the nearest available phone. Whittenaur’s location was well over a mile from North Road with limited to no cell phone reception. Whittenaur’s friend was able to make a call to 911 at approximately 10:15 am and then ran back up to Whittenhaur.

Gorham Ambulance, Shelburne Volunteer Fire Fighters, and Fish and Game Conservation Officers responded to the emergency call. A litter, oxygen and an AED were relayed up to Whittenhaur’s location as quick as possible.  Unfortunately, despite all efforts Whittenhaur did not survive the medical emergency and was transported to Bryant’s Funeral home in Berlin.