Conservation Officer Sgt. Glen Lucas
Conservation Officer Ben Lewis
Region One Office, Lancaster, NH
June 3, 2019

Milan, NH – At approximately 1:45 pm on Saturday, a call was received for an ATV rollover on Head Pond Connector trail.

Laura Roy, 54, of East Morcihes, NY, was the sole operator when she rolled onto the right side of her ATV while navigating a steep downhill section of trail. The ATV rolled onto her right leg. Roy also hit her head during the rollover and despite wearing a helmet she was in and out of consciousness.

A call was made from the group to 911 which was relayed to Berlin Dispatch. Berlin EMS and Conservation Officers responded to the call. Berlin EMS met with Roy at the closest road where she was relayed to Androscoggin Valley Hospital in Berlin. Conservation Officers met Roy at AVH where she was receiving medical attention for non-life-threating injuries.

Inexperience with steep rocky terrain was the leading factor in the crash.