Sgt. Glen Lucas
603-788-4850 603-271-3361
May 19, 2019

Shelburne, NH – At approximately 1:45 pm on Saturday, a call was received for an injured hiker on the Carter Moriah Trail.

Diane Regan, 51, of Dracut MA, was hiking on the trail when she slipped and fell on some wet rocks. Regan said she heard a snap and could no longer put weight on her leg after the fall. After an attempt to self-extricate, she realized that she could go no further. A call from another hiker was made to 911 for assistance and was relayed to Fish and Game through New Hampshire State Police Dispatch. It was relayed that Regan was one mile above Mt. Surprise on the Carter Moriah Trail, which is approximately three miles from the trailhead.

Conservation Officers responded to the trailhead while making calls to receive much needed and welcomed help from the Androscoggin Valley Search and Rescue team. While this rescue coordination was taking place at the trailhead, a Lakes Region Search and Rescue team member, who was hiking the same trail on his own time, came across Regan. Without hesitation, this team member, and another hiker, helped Regan down the trail, approximately one mile, to make the rescue effort easier and get her out of the woods quicker.

Once this team of two met up with the group of AVSAR and COs she was packaged into a litter for a short distance and then loaded onto an ATV. The ATV was utilized to transport her just under two miles.

The teams reached the trailhead at approximately 6:00 pm with Regan. Regan declined medical treatment and transportation from an ambulance and was driven from the trailhead in a personal vehicle.