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April 18, 2019

CONCORD, NH – The innovative New Hampshire’s Wild Eats: Cooking Your Catch cookbook from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is here, and will be available rain or shine at Discover Wild New Hampshire Day this Saturday, April 20, at Department Headquarters in Concord. Culinary enthusiasts will also have the opportunity to meet the book’s author, Becky Johnson. In her second cookbook, Johnson perfects recipes that focus on proteins sourced from the Granite State’s forests, fields, freshwaters, and ocean. These same resources have built the foundation of a localvore movement that has spanned centuries, and today game and fish represent a connection for many to their environment, to their food, and to their health.

New Hampshire’s Wild Eats is a collection of 50 contemporary recipes that transform traditional harvests of large and small game, fish and seafood, game birds and waterfowl, into thoroughly modern and adventurous fare. Developed and tested in her home kitchen, each of Johnson’s compelling recipes was imagined and refined with the everyday cook in mind. New Hampshire’s Wild Eats offers fresh, easy, and exciting ways to cook your catch.

New Hampshire’s Wild Eats: Cooking Your Catch is priced at $17.00 (ISBN 978-0965215664) and is available at New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Headquarters and online at With 59 beautiful images, this 120-page guide is a must-have for hunters, anglers, and those who look for new adventures in the food they prepare.