Conservation Officer Kevin Bronson
March 9, 2019

Claremont, NH – At approximately 3:30 pm on March 9, 2019, Fish and Game Officials were notified about a snowmobile accident at a snowmobile trail crossing on Charlestown Road in the town of Claremont. Claremont Police Department and Golden Cross responded, giving initial aid to the snowmobiler.

Kevin Ferland of Claremont was attempting to cross Charlestown Road when his ski struck a rock. In an attempt to steady the machine, he placed his foot on the ground while still moving. Once he did this his leg remained in place as the machine continued moving. He then suffered a non-life-threatening leg injury and was transported to Valley Regional hospital for further medical care.

As the snowmobile season begins to come to a close, riders are reminded that as snow melts it creates more hazards on the trail. A trail may change drastically throughout the day as temperatures warm up.