Lieutenant Adam Cheney: 603-271-3361
January 11, 2019

Canterbury, NH – At approximately 8:00 PM, on January 10, 2019, NH Fish and Game Conservation Officers were contacted about a woman missing after leaving a residence she was staying at on Hackleboro Road in Canterbury. Upon arrival at the scene, Conservation Officers were made aware that the missing woman’s boyfriend had gone looking for her and was also lost in the woods.

At approximately 5:00 PM, 28-year-old Carolina Oakley of Providence, Rhode Island, left a residence on Hackleboro Road to look for her two dogs that had taken off. Later her boyfriend, 31-year-old Timothy Hunter from Providence, Rhode Island, left the residence to search for Carolina and the two dogs. During the initial call, coordinates were given to Conservation Officers from 911, however both parties were separated and still moving making it difficult to pinpoint their exact location. Shortly after 9:00 PM, contact was made via cell phone with Oakley who was succumbing to the cold and unable to walk anymore. Her cell phone was dying but after making contact with 911, Conservation Officers were able to get her location from her cell phone which was approximately one mile in the woods off Orchid Road in Canterbury.

A rescue team consisting of a NH Fish and Game Conservation Officer, a Canterbury Police Officer, and Loudon and Canterbury Fire Department members was able to get to her shortly after 11:00 PM and bring her to Orchid Road. Conservation Officers and a Canterbury Police Officer found Carolina’s boyfriend, Timothy, shortly afterward by getting his cell phone coordinates. He was approximately 0.2 miles from Carolina’s location. He was also brought to Orchid Road. Carolina and Timothy were transported to Concord Hospital by Penacook Rescue for evaluation.

The two dogs were located by Timothy and followed the rescue team out of the woods until approximately 200 yards before reaching Orchid Road. The two dogs then took off again. Anyone who finds the two dogs is asked to please contact Canterbury Police Department at 225-5584.

NH Conservation Officers were assisted by Canterbury Police Department, Canterbury and Loudon Fire Departments.

NH Fish and Game Conservation Officers would like to remind the pubic that if venturing into the outside in the winter to make sure you are wearing the proper clothing. Also understanding the love for our K9 family members it is important to remember that they are much better adapted to withstand the cold than we are.