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November 28, 2018

CONCORD, NH – It has been a successful season so far for deer hunters in the Granite State. The estimated statewide harvest, as of November 25, was 11,648. This represents a 5% increase over the 2017 harvest at this same point in the season, and the highest in the last nine years.

To see a breakdown by county, with comparisons to the previous eight years, visit These numbers are estimates based on the number of deer registered in each county, not necessarily taken there, and may not represent information from all registration stations.

Fish and Game Deer Biologist Dan Bergeron noted that the deer harvest was expected to be above last year’s and it has been tracking that way all season. However, the early snow throughout the state has certainly further increased harvest rates by making the deer easier to track. Given the trend in harvest rates this season, the state is on pace to set record harvest levels.

The regular firearm season runs through December 9 in most of the state, giving rifle hunters approximately two more weeks of hunting opportunity. The exception is WMU-A in northern New Hampshire, where the regular firearm season runs through December 2. Archery deer hunting continues through December 15, except in WMU-A, where it ends on December 8.

“The Thanksgiving holiday marked the end of many hunters’ efforts for this year, and late season hunters can now take advantage of reduced hunting pressure,” said Bergeron.

Hunters can also continue to help the less fortunate by donating processed venison. Contact the NH Food Bank at (603) 669-9725 for more information.

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