Kristine Rines: 603-744-5470
Jay Martin: 603-271-3211
November 5, 2018


CONCORD, NH — New Hampshire’s 2018 moose season wrapped up with hunters taking a total of 41 moose – 35 bulls and 6 cows – according to preliminary numbers from New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Moose Biologist Kristine Rines.

That means that hunters achieved a 77% success rate during the nine day season. A total of 53 hunters took part in the hunt including 51 lottery permit holders, 1 permit auctioned by the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire, and 1 Hunt of a Lifetime participant. In 2017, the overall success rate was 69% and has averaged 70% over the previous 4 years.

Throughout the Granite State this season, preliminary numbers show moose hunters having a 90% success rate in the Connecticut Lakes Region, 88% in the North Region, 67% in the White Mountain Region, 83% in the Central Region, and 40% in the Southeast Region. No permits were issued in the Southwest Region.

More than 6,140 people entered the moose hunt lottery this year for a chance to win a permit for the New Hampshire moose hunt. Additional information will be available in a future hunting report once all registration data has been verified and analyzed.