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October 4, 2018

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CONCORD, NH – For the past seven years, snowmobile enthusiasts have been able to explore new trails across northern New England during the last weekend in January under a single snowmobile registration. That weekend has been the annual Tri-State Reciprocity Weekend where snowmobiles registered in Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire could legally ride in any of the three states. Maine and Vermont have changed their laws to allow a free weekend, however, so reciprocal agreements with neighboring states are no longer needed.

A free weekend means registration is not required, so the agreement to allow snowmobiles registered in one of the other two states is no longer needed for Vermont or Maine. New Hampshire’s law, however, requires that in order for snowmobiles registered in Vermont or Maine to operate here in New Hampshire with their respective registrations, New Hampshire–registered snowmobiles must be allowed to operate in those states during the same time period. In changing their laws, Maine and Vermont also changed their free weekend to the first weekend in February from the last weekend in January.

“Unfortunately, not only did Maine and Vermont change their laws, but they changed them after we had finalized ours here in New Hampshire so there is no way to have a reciprocity weekend going forward,” said Capt. Dave Walsh, who coordinates snowmobile and off highway recreational vehicle enforcement, registration, and safety education for New Hampshire. “This weekend was one of the highlights of the winter for many residents and non-residents, but we certainly still have many miles of great trails for riding here in New Hampshire.”

So, beginning with this upcoming riding season, to snowmobile in New Hampshire, a state snowmobile registration will be required even for the last weekend in January. Snowmobiling has become one of the most popular forms of winter recreation in New Hampshire, and with almost 7,000 miles of established snowmobile trails spanning the Granite State, residents and visitors can explore the natural beauty of New Hampshire’s diverse landscape.

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