Colonel Kevin Jordan, NHFG: (603) 271-3128
Gail Huntting, WHFNH: (603) 496-2778
September 28, 2018

CONCORD, NH — Thanks to the kindness of the New Hampshire State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NH NWTF), NH Fish and Game Department’s (NHFG) Canine Program recently received a generous donation. NH NWTF held several fundraising events this year and donated the proceeds to the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire (WHFNH) to be used to support Fish and Game’s three canines: Ruby, Cora, and Moxie.

Carter Heath, Regional Director for the New England Chapter of the NWTF, said “The NH chapters of the NWTF were pleased to fundraise to support the NH Fish and Game Canine Unit, which is constantly on patrol protecting New Hampshire’s fish, wildlife, and marine resources, as well as conducting search and rescue operations within the state.”

NH NWTF is now challenging other organizations and individuals to raise money for NHFG’s Canine Program.  The majority of the Canine Program is funded through donations held at WHFNH, Fish and Games non-profit partner.  If you or your organization is interested in donating to this important program, please contact the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH at 603-496-2778,, or

In addition to these funds, the NH Chapter of NWTF supports many other programs within NHFG including the Landowner Relations Program, the Hunter Education Mentoring Program, and Wildlife Habitat Management.

To learn more about the Law Enforcement Canine Program:


 Pictured: NHFG Colonel Kevin Jordan, NWTF Regional Director Carter Heath, WHFNH Administrator Gail Huntting, Conservation Officer James Benvenuti, K-9 Cora, NWTF Volunteer Fred Bird, NHFG-WHFNH Liaison Lindsay Webb, and NHFG Major Jim Juneau.