Jim Oehler, NH Fish and Game: (603) 271-0453
Brian Lemire, NH Fish and Game: (603) 271-0788
August 27, 2018

WEBSTER, NH – Knight Meadow Road, which provides access to Knight Meadow Marsh Waterfowl Management Area in Webster, will be closed on or about August 29, 2018 through mid to late October in order to facilitate construction of a bridge over Knight Meadow Brook.

The current brook crossing is consistently flooded out because the four side-by-side culverts that comprise the current crossing are not large enough to accommodate water during high flows. The culverts also prohibit passage by fish and other aquatic organisms. Replacing the culverts with a bridge will allow water to flow unimpeded regardless of water levels, and eliminate the annual erosion of the road downstream. The bridge will also provide better long-term access for public enjoyment of the marsh and for preservation of the dam that maintains the marsh.

This project is being done in coordination with all neighboring landowners and the Department of Environmental Services.

Location of bridge construction project on Knight Meadow Road, Webster, NH.