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July 20, 2018

CONCORD, N.H. – Late on Wednesday, July 18, the water stopped flowing at New Hampshire Fish and Game’s Barry Conservation Camp for kids in Berlin, NH. Water and portable toilets were brought in to take care of the campers who are there this week. 4-H, which runs the camp through UNH Cooperative Extension, has cancelled next week’s camp and is notifying parents to allow time for repairs to be made.

The water system also supplies the residence known as the White House, where biologists and other employees are lodged, as well as other housing for hatchery employees. The Berlin hatchery is not affected. Workers on site believe it is a pipe that runs to the facility from a storage tank.

“We are narrowing down the location of the break in the system, but there are still many feet of pipe to dig up in order to find the exact spot,” said Mark Beauchesne, who manages the camp for Fish and Game. “It is unfortunate, but obviously for the safety of the kids there is no choice but to shut down until we fix the problem. Everyone has been working hard on this putting in long hours and we are hopeful that camp will be up and running again for the week of July 29.”

Barry Conservation Camp is a nonprofit dedicated to educating youth, connecting them to the outdoors, and helping them to appreciate our natural resources. To donate, you can contribute through the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire online at or send your donation to: Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire, P.O. Box 3993, Concord, NH, 03302. Specify your gift is for “The Barry Camp Fund.”

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