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June 20, 2018

-No Changes to Issuance of Unit M Permits –

unitmapCONCORD, N.H. – Approval of the 2018/19 Wildlife Rules Package has been delayed by the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR). Because part of this rules package included proposed changes to the number and method of issuance of Unit L permits, they cannot be issued until the entire rules package receives final approval by this legislative committee.

The 2018/19 Wildlife Rules will be reviewed again by JLCAR at a meeting in late July. Please visit our website on July 23, following this meeting, for updated information at:

Unit M Permits:

Because the 2018/19 Wildlife Rules Package did not include any proposed changes to the issuance of Unit M permits, these permits will be sold as they have in the past. A total of up to 4,000 hunters will be allowed to purchase Special Antlerless Deer Permits for Unit M. All Unit M permits cost $36 and come with 2 deer tags. Sales for Unit M permits will begin on July 16. Unit M permits may be purchased either online or at Fish and Game headquarters in Concord.

Interested hunters can purchase Unit M permits starting July 16:

For more information on hunting deer in New Hampshire, visit