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May 25, 2018

boating1CAMBRIDGE, NH — The public boat ramp facility at the southern end of Lake Umbagog in Cambridge, NH (near the Errol town line) will be closed beginning late Sunday, June 3 to construct a seasonal courtesy dock for the ramp. The ramp is expected to be closed for two weeks and will reopen late on Friday, June 15. We will make another announcement to confirm the reopening when construction is complete.

During the closure, a turbidity curtain (a plastic shield placed into the water) will be installed and will remain in place, completely blocking the ramp. This equipment traps silt and clay floating in the water as a result of the construction and prevents it from entering the lake. There will be no opportunity to launch or retrieve boats during this time period, nor will fishing be available from adjacent areas of the property. In the days just prior to the full closure, a limited portion of the parking area will be used to stockpile materials and equipment in preparation for making the repairs, causing a reduction in available parking.

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department will construct a concrete abutment at the shoreline to access two 8-foot by 20-foot floating timbered dock segments adjacent to the west side of the ramp. Concrete block slope limiters will be placed in the water within the dock footprint to restrict the maximum ramp slope at low water levels to the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act at boat ramps.

NH Fish and Game’s Statewide Public Boat Access Program is funded through boat registration fees, which are combined as match dollars with federal Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration funds to facilitate boat access opportunities in the state. Fish and Game’s Facilities Construction and Lands Division acquires land for public water access sites, refurbishes existing sites, and builds new public boat access areas. For more information on boating access locations in New Hampshire, visit